We believe every boy and young man has the potential to be a Leader, Prosperous and Successful!

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Our Mission

A Titus Man - Our MissionOur mission is to assist in the growth and development of young boys ages eight to eighteen. Our program will teach them how to stay out of the prison system and become healthy thriving individuals in our communities. With a focus on building for the betterment of our communities, we expect through our mentoring, training, study groups and team building projects, “A Titus Man” will evolve.

“A Titus Man” will also help young men learn how to strengthen family bonds, establish healthy relationships, good health and wellness practices, how to thrive and survive in society, and learn the importance of self worth. We believe that self worth is where it all starts. To improve your life you must begin with SELF. They will be taught and guided through various programs how to be successful in this changing world we live in. Becoming “A Titus Man” is a choice and a necessity, not a luxury.

Dedication to Service

Members are filled with a deep commitment to uplifting the community in which we operate by engaging in outreach activities that benefit society. Volunteering, mentoring, donating, educational seminars, and fundraising are initiatives used to manifest our dedication to service throughout the Greater Atlanta Metro area. We will also seek to work alongside other organizations and individuals to broaden the scope of our efforts and gain the necessary personnel. Directors, employees, and affiliated groups are challenged to devote time and energy to realize the charitable goals outlined by our organization.

Our Motto

We are all seed planters. Growing men of Character