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Co-Op Programs

The Professional Co-op programs offered through M.Y.A.T.L. are in place to teach the youth a set of trade skills that can used to obtain employment in the job market. This goal will be accomplished by partnering up with businesses to allow students to gain real-life work experience in the prospective fields. M.Y.A.T.L. will also establish a bridge program so that participants in the program can make a smooth transition from the classroom to the work force.

J’s Barber Shop 

J’s Barber Shop- Master Barber Apprenticeship: This initiative will enable selected teens to learn the basics of the cutting hair under the tutelage of a certified master barber with an instructor’s license. Students will gain the knowledge and skills regarding proper cutting and grooming techniques, occupational health and safety, shop maintenance, bookkeeping, inventory control, and marketing. In addition to becoming barbershop savvy, teens will also receive physical hours that will count towards obtaining their barber’s license. J’s Barber Shop may also provide a practical alternative to enrolling into barber school through apprenticeship.

Auto Body Shop

Auto Body Shop curriculum is both a classroom and work intensive program that focuses solely on developing tomorrow’s automotive professionals and mechanics.

Broadcasting Now

Broadcasting Now: Broadcasting Now is a partnership program where students will engage in job shadowing at radio stations and broadcasting companies in the Greater Atlanta Metro area to become knowledgeable about this particular area of the entertainment industry.

Richard Blount Contractor Internship Program

Richard Blount Contractor Internship Program: RBC Brands employs a selective process for participants by engaging our youth and parents to encourage success. High school students ages 16-18 interested in construction, many of whom have never thought about a career in constructions, test and interview for placement in the program. Participants attend a construction training course through the M.Y.A.T.L. Construction Development Program before starting their construction internships. After successfully completing the training course, interns are placed with companies specializing in the student’s field of interest (i.e. painting, brick masonry, electrical, architecture, drafting, CAD, etc.) The RBC Brands, and participating businesses monitor the intern’s progress and students are encouraged to provide feedback. All parties keep an open line of communication to promote a positive working environment