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Natural Adventure

All Natural Adventure (eco-friendly)

This program will give the kids a sense of nature at its best. They will learn how to take care of the environment and the benefit to mankind as a result of their work.

Team building projects will be held outside in the north GA mountains where they will be on an adventure tour crossing through the mountains on wire zip lines, mountain climbing and bird watching.

Ride for your health

This program is for the kids to benefit from cycling for a healthier lifestyle.  We will have a professional cycling coach teach the kids how to ride in a health conscious way to strengthen their minds and body. They will also have the option to learn how to cycle as a competitive sport.

Food for life (eco-friendly)

This program will teach our kids the importance of fast food, which are fruits and vegetables. They will also learn the proper way to grow and produce their own fruits and veggies for a healthier lifestyle.  It will give them the skills to prep soil, plant, grow and harvest their own goods. This is a way for them to become self reliant and successful entrepreneurs with regards to produce.