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The Facts

According to US Department Of Education

African-American students, particularly males, are far more likely to be suspended or expelled from school than their peers. Black students make up 18% of the students in the CRDC sample, but 35% of the students suspended once, and 39% of the students expelled.

Students learning English (ELL) were 6% of the CRDC high school enrollment, but made up 12% of students retained.

Only 29% of high-minority high schools offered Calculus, compared to 55% of schools with the lowest black and Hispanic enrollment.

  • 4 children are killed by abuse or neglect.
  • 5 children or teens commit suicide.
  • 8 children or teens are killed by firearms.
  • 33 children or teens die from accidents.
  • 77 babies die before their first birthdays.
  • 192 children are arrested for violent crimes.
  • 383 children are arrested for drug abuse.
  • 1,153 babies are born to teen mothers.
  • 1,672 public school students are corporally punished.
  • 1,879 babies are born without health insurance.
  • 2,261 high school students drop out.
  • 2,383 children are confirmed as abused or neglected.
  • 2,411 babies are born into poverty.
  • 2,494 babies are born to mothers who are not high school graduates.
  • 4,017 babies are born to unmarried mothers.
  • 4,302 children are arrested.
  • 17,132 public school students are suspended.