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Scott Chattman - A Titus Man

Scott Chatman – A Titus Man

Scott Chatman – Executive Director

Scott Chatman is a devoted husband, father, son, brother and friend. He attended Savannah State University, where he majored in business management and was a talented three letter man while attending SSU (for all you sport fans). After attending Savannah State University he worked with one of the top fortune 500 companies Coca-Cola Enterprise, as an account manager and district merchandiser manager. Scott offers a successful background of experience, in sales, marketing and management. His experience has afforded him exposure to many aspects of support, including outstanding interpersonal, verbal and written communications skills, problem solving skills, and outstanding customer service skills. His education has given him the people and business skills needed for present and future endeavors. He is the proud owner of Navigator Express, Inc. a freight carrier company, VP of Tench Place HOA and has been involved with the youth athletic ministry of Green Pastures Christian Ministries, Inc. for over 7 years. Chatman has always been an activist in the community, i.e. working with community rec. centers, P.A.L. (Police Athletic League) and the local boys scout.

Scott Chatman considers himself to be a man of honor, integrity and humility and he says he has a heart to help people in need. His passion for “A Titus Man Inc.” hones in on our boys and young men. His passion and mission is to help assist them in reaching their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens, and keeping them from turning to the streets for the things they lack at home. He is determined to help keep young men out of the justice system which so many of them get caught up in. With the absence of fathers and community programs, so many of our youth get caught up in gangs and illegal activities that it cost them their life or loss of time, something they will never get back should they choose this path. “It is vital for ATM to receive the help we need in order to achieve our goal of helping those that are in situations where they may never experience programs and training like we have to offer, Chatman says. He also said there are so many community and government programs around the country that no longer exist and hopes to expand ATM around the country. “The decision to develop “A Titus Man Inc,” was an easy one because of the heartfelt feelings I have for our boys and young men in our community,” says Chatman. It’s obvious that he understands that every child needs and deserves the opportunity to be great and to become successful, not only in life but in giving back in their community “It truly takes a village to raise a child,” Chatman says. It is a powerful sentiment that we have moved so far away from.

Rashid Rashad – Program Director

Rashid graduated from Henry Grady High School in Atlanta, Ga. with a four year athletic scholarship from Savannah State University in football. Rashid is the Author of 2 books, a father of ten children, eight grandchildren and a loving supportive wife Anisa Rashad. Rashid has served as the parliamentary of the PTA board at Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain, Ga. Chairperson of the school council at Pine Ridge Elementary School in Stone Mountain, Ga. also den leader for Boys Scout pack 1891 in Lithonia, Ga. Rashid is the author of the book “The Power of Family Unity: How to Use it to Gain Economical Freedom for Generations”. Mr. Rashad is the president of a non-profit organization called “The Custodians of Faith”, which feed the homeless in downtown Atlanta, Ga. every weekend and travel throughout the country on missions to help the poor. He’s also the owner of Rightly Guided Tours, LLC a travel agency which specialize in International travel for urban youth of America.

Ali Baaqar – Program Director 

Ali is an Atlanta native who graduated from Hoke Smith High School in Atlanta, Ga. with an athletic scholarship in basketball to attend Morris Brown College. After attending Morris Brown he was granted the opportunity to coach the lady wolverines. After his tenure as a coach he set his site on becoming an entrepreneur something that he had learned early on in life from the likes of his father. Ali has always been a community advocate for our youth. As a former athlete an entrepreneur Mr. Baaqar understand the importance of self determination and will. He’s currently the owner and General Contractor for Richard Blount, LLC.