We believe every boy and young man has the potential to be a Leader, Prosperous and Successful!

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ATM 2012 SummitCareer Compass

Allows kids to plan early for careers, identify training or college requirements, seek out financial aid and play skills-building. This program will consist of teaching resume building, college preparation, and other job skills.

Make Money Work

This program will give our kids the necessary skills to create generational wealth. It is important for them to learn the proper techniques in the area of finance. We will teach them how to create a budget, save, open/manage checking accounts and invest their money in stocks, bonds and CD’s at an early age. This will show them how to make money work for them and not them working for money.

Assist Me

A comprehensive homework help and tutoring program that is designed to raise academic proficiency. This program will teach our kids that reading is fun-d-mental. It will also give them the proper reading fundamentals that they need to successfully read above and beyond their grade level (a higher level) in school or their capability.