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Health & Fitness

Health and Fitness - A Titus Man“A Titus Man Inc.” is on a mission to promote a healthy, active lifestyle by having youth engage in recreational activities to sustain overall vitality. One aspect of the program will provide the young men the opportunity to participate in various sports related activities, while the other will teach the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced diet through a nutrition curriculum.

Gourmet Today

Gourmet Today is a prospective program that will teach kids enrolled in the program a wide range of culinary skills. Students will learn how to create savory dishes and delectable desserts that are appealing in appearance and taste. The curriculum will also teach the business side of cooking i.e. food safety, health guidelines, procurement best practices, proper attire, and people skills. Another aspect of the program will focus on cooking foods that are not only flavorful and hearty, but healthy as well. Culinary members will also be challenged to showcase what they learned in the Gourmet Today program by participating in cook-off contests and catering events throughout the Greater Atlanta Metro Area.

♦ Healthy Life Nutrition Curriculum
♦ Daily workouts, aerobics, self defense
♦ Sports – basketball, baseball, football, tennis, golf,  aerobics,  self defense
♦ Fun – Play Games, Chess
♦ Social Recreation