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Become a Better Teacher or Mentor

So what do you have to do to become a better teacher or mentor?                                  ATM Black Male Teacher (1)


Be original (yourself) don’t copy anyone else. You will fail miserably. A teacher aping another is like a mediocre performer impersonating Michael Jackson: they will provide some temporary entertainment, but they will never be taken seriously.


The first step in becoming a better teacher is to be yourself. Students are forgiving. They will overlook your shortcomings if they know you care about them. What matters for students is that you are passionate and will do anything to help them learn. They know when you genuinely care and engage them in meaningful activities. If you can do this, they will be inspired. Inspired students are willing to listen, work hard and go the extra mile, and will even try to earn your respect and attention.


So be an original. Be yourself, and become a better teacher or mentor.